Our video presentation: What do Klitmøller Rig Wear do?

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So, what do we do at Klitmøller Rig Wear?

We strive to bring you the best "Designed in Denmark" products with a focus on eco-friendliness and long-lasting materials. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint sets our brand apart. One of our main products, "The Walrus Surfercoat," exemplifies this commitment, as it is designed and developed in Denmark using recycled plastic and deadstock. For our other products, we seek out the most durable cotton and recycled polyester. Additionally, we have a policy of limiting quantities to prevent overproduction. For example, we only produce 400 items per style per color for our shirts.

We also produce surf accessories and customize products.

We are inspired by the global surf beach culture and the elements and nature around Klitmøller, where our company was founded in 1989. We conceptualize our designs in Denmark, but produce our products all over the world, working with dedicated people and production sites that prioritize labor ethics and the environment.

Our company is made up of a group of surfers who joined in the 1980s and have diverse backgrounds and skills. Today we have a non-traditional structure, as most of us work online from various locations around the world as "surf nomads." We meet up 2-3 times a year to plan for the coming year or two. Currently, we have four people based in Denmark, two freelancers in China, one in India, one in Turkey, one in California, USA, and soon one in Bali, Indonesia. However, these locations might change. We can be described as a 100% digital surf fashion brand with a freelance mentality. The company is registered in Denmark and is still owned by the founder, Christian Taasti, who is responsible for design and product development.

Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii hold a special place in our product development strategy. We believe that if a product can withstand the rough conditions in these locations all year round, it can withstand anything.

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