It is no secret that we strive to bring you the best of "Designed in Denmark" products, with an emphasis on eco-friendly materials. This core belief in reducing carbon foot print is something that sets our Brand apart. One of our favorite lines for 2018/19 does just that. Klitmøller Rig Wear - "Walrus" is designed right here in Denmark and works to utilize materials such as linen, organic cotton, recycled plastic, deadstock of fabric and recycled cotton to make our products. Another thing to note is our quantity policy. For our printed products our maximum is 199 items per style. For our knitted and woven shirts our quantities can even go down to 59 items per style.
We love the Elements and feel stoked to travel around in different part of the world to surf and search for exiting materials for our products. Our designs are inspired by a combination of the Surf Beach Culture around the world and the Elements and Nature around Klitmøller where the company was founded in 1989. We put our ideas and designs together in Denmark and produce our products all over the world. We are keen to work with dedicated people and production sites that are driven with respect for labor ethics and the environment.