Klitmøller ONNERBAWSER, 2 PACK Underwear

DKK 295.00


About this product:

Onnerbawser (Briefs) were designed after years of having the experience again and again that my briefs often disappeared or simply died. Shifting from jeans to wetsuit and back to jeans after surf sessions while wearing wet briefs was not an easy task. Not only were the briefs easily forgotten, they would also go through endless salt water dips and extreme impacts when they are worn by watersport addicts. Briefs are probably the personal clothing items that are most used and abused!
I decided to design briefs that are simply stronger, fit better and feel more comfortable to wear. Using the finest materials, the right blend of fibers, and a focus on improving the sewing process, I am sure they might also live longer. Stay Wet!

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