Klitmøller SUP Paddles

How to Choose SUP Paddles

Just like you want a good pair of hiking boots to climb a mountain, a suitable paddle will make your time on the water the more enjoyable.

The best stand up paddle will be light enough for you to use all day and strong enough to handle any conditions you get into. It should be comfortable, with the right grip and length for you to enjoy your time on the water. So let’s look at what makes a great paddle.


There are many different materials being used to make paddles and each of them has benefits and limitations:


Used for both shafts and blades, fiberglass is stiff, light, and provides a great balance between value and performance.


Used to craft the whole paddle or sometimes just the blade, wood is reasonably lightweight, renewable, and provides warmth to the touch that can’t be matched with synthetic materials. Wood paddles are beautiful to look at, and make a great present to an enthusiast.

Carbon Fiber:

Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest material used in paddles. A lightweight paddle will cause less arm fatigue, especially on longer trips. If you spend a large amount of time on the water, the weight savings of a carbon fiber paddle may well be worth the extra expense.


An economical material used for shafts, aluminum is inexpensive but does have the drawback of being slightly heavier and cold to the touch


Another economical material, plastic is molded into blades and grips. It is affordable but heavier than other materials

The Kliltmøller Rig Wear range

1. Alu/Polycarbonat Paddles
2. Fiberglass/Polycarbonat
3. Full Carbon Paddles

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